What is a Fab?

Quite simply, a fab is a factory. More specifically, a fab is a fabrication plant for the manufacture of semiconductor chips. A quick bit of trivia: the silicon in these semiconductors gave rise to the nickname "Silicon Valley" where many of these silicon chip innovators and manufacturers were originally based. We think the word perfectly describes our connection to "The Valley", our focus on innovative technology, and our factory-like model of producing output for brands and agencies alike.

Our Brand-Tech Framework

Our brandtech fab is a factory for building brands. Brand building is not a "cookie cutter" process. Rather, it requires a delicate balance of art and science. Our MadValley brandtech framework is people-centric and based on the close integration of storytelling and technology. By leveraging our lab, studio, and delivery center we help companies build unique experiences to tell their story and connect with people.

Our Companies

The initial set of companies in our fab are focused on mobile, video, and emergent tech (AR, AI, Chatbots, Voice)

Building brands with tech

Our Innovation Lab where we work with brands to imagine their future and to build it.

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A video agency for the digital age

Our content studio focused on video storytelling via social platforms.

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Why Madvalley?

So, why the name MadValley? MadValley refers to the bridge we have built between Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley. Because we live in both worlds, we are well versed in helping brands stay abreast of emerging technology and how best to leverage it. Secondly, our core experience on Madison Avenue was at Phonevalley - Publicis Groupe's mobile arm - where we helped build the largest pure play mobile marketing agency in the world. So, our name is a nod to our founder's time there. Finally, we're a group of unique thinkers, storytellers, technologists, innovators, doers - a band of brothers & sisters who are all a bit mad but love working with each other.

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